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Relax & be pampered while we take care of balancing your skin. Facials are the customizer to treat ACNE, OILY, DRY, MATURING SKIN & more. Circulation is boosted & cellular regeneration is enhanced, promoting a clearer well-hydrated complexion leaving skin firmer, smoother & more radiant. Medical grade plant stem cell-based products are used to deep clean, exfoliate, massage & lavish your skin the way it deserves. Recommendations for home care & or advanced treatments to optimize your skin are provided.

Express Facial: Includes Deep cleanse, exfoliate, moisturizestarting at $70 30 minutes
Full Facial: Includes Deep cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize, mask + massagestarting at $100 60+Minutes


Microdermabrasion/ Hydrabrasion machine is equipped with diamond tips and suction power to gently & painlessly exfoliate skin and deep clean pores with no downtime required leaving skin rejuvenated & revitalized. Dull & dead skin cells are removed, debris & impurities like blackheads, whiteheads, oils and makeup are lifted from pores leaving the way for moisturizers, serums and skin treatments to be more easily absorbed into the skin. Treatments include cleansing, moisturizing & SPF. Multiple treatments are performed to make scars less visible, soothe wrinkles & lighten pigmentation and can be determined in a consultation. Youthful glowing skin is waiting just under the surface. Come to Pura Vida Salon for microdermabrasion to remove dead skin, stimulate collagen production, and reveal healthy and supple skin.

Chest or Back$100+

Peels & Resurfacers

Resurfacing peels are essentially extreme exfoliation. They remove the top layer of your skin, sloughing away dead skin cells and improving fine lines, acne, and discoloration in the process. The best part is that unlike the chemical peels of the ’90s, you won’t need any ‘down time’ after a resurfacing peel.

Lactic Acid resurfacer – good for skin conditions like rosacea, gently exfoliates to even skin tone.
C infusion resurfacer– good for brightening and tightening skin, revitalizing, infused with vitamin C. removes layers of dead skin cells. infuses skin with antioxidants to hydrate skin
Mango bright resurfacer– good for hydrating dry, dull skin, repairs all levels of hyperpigmentation
Primary Pumpkin resurfacer– helps improve appearance of skin tone as well as acne prone skin

*Peels can be added onto facial for $50

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